It is old news that are jails are becoming over packed! With a majority of college kids who are actively spending money on their education and with the arrest rate threw the roof and the Punisments their handing out with felony’s leaves these college kids out of luck on their carreer because with any type of criminal back ground you will not qualifiy for your desired job!   Lets not for get that when we were in college we did alittle partying and may have gotten in alittle trouble! But back in them days cops and judges along with the District Attorney weren’t out to hang anyone!  So much of the colleges kids today won’t even get a job in the field they major for now a day’s cause we lost so many jobs over sea’s!

With the arrest rates today for some petty acts turn into felony’s and all the parent’s, grandparents and loans they use to put their son or daughter threw college are out the window because pennsylvania is so strick on handing out the most sever punishments with felony’s leaves these groups of americans out of jobs do to the criminal back ground checks that won’t even let them work at Walmart! I belive the goverment is doing this on purpose to gain something from it, more political jobs for the buddy buddy system to get their friends good jobs in the prisions! Lets not forget about the KID’S FOR CASH SCAM Luzerne County had running! Don’t for get about the other PA americans that made mistakes with DUI Felony’s that can’t obtain a job to support there family!


If your a Rapist, pedophile or murderer than the background check should be relevant to background checks and not have the opprutunity to work job’s cause they are simply not fit to be in society cause they have no moral ethics for Human life! Some of us made mistakes in our past and payed the price & Punishment for the crime that dosen’t mean we shouldn’t be loud to work jobs that pay higher than Minimum wage threw a temp service!

Ok a convicted felon cannot pass a background check for a gun, and that’s ok because not all job’s consider working with a Gun!!  I said it befor if someone was in a Desperate time and stole something, or money that should not Determine there future!

They want to make more prisions in PA they should make work release prisions so if someone dose deside to steal from an employer they can be placed in a work release facility and work to pay the amount of what they  stoled and still do there time! Not just make prisions where they can lay around all day and watch TV and go to yard out, or some of them do schooling in prison which is a joke just for the Goverment to fund the program so someone can have a job in side the prison cause all the schooling they due don’t mean diddly cause the criminal background check will stop them from the dream the prison helped put in their heads in jail and most likely return to a life of crime cause you cannot make any kind of money to survie out in the free world!!


But our goverment will allow immigration illegaly and support them with housing and help them open small Businesses tax free for the first 5 or so years!!!


What ever Happened to the American Dream????


Its run in the buddy buddy system who you know, and with the corruption that follows right behind it!!   I Strongly belive they should do away with back ground checks for jobs except if your trying to work with a Gun!!!









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