Video shows Hillary Clinton stumbling, being helped in van at 9\11 Event

Hillary Clinton appeared wobbly sunday and stubled as Secret Sevice agents helped her into a van to depart the 9\11 commemoration ceremony early.

The Democratic presidential nominee claim she felt overheted, her campaign said, when she left at about 9:30a.m ET and traveled to her daughter’s near by apartment. Secetary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemortion Ceremony for one hour and 30 munutes on this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the familie of the Fallen. During the ceremony , she felt departed to her daughter’s apartment where she felt much better a Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said in a statement.

A video posted by Twitter user Zdenek Gazda, shows her learly stumbling, with Secret Service agents helping her into the van in the motorcade.  The video credited to @Zgazda66 on twitter if you want to check it out. I think she either had to much to Drink or it was an easy get away so she didnt have to spend her time her precious time greeting all the familes of the fallen that attended knowing she would be present!  Two law officials inluding one who witnessed theinident told CNN.

Sounds to me like she didn’t want to waste her time there since after leaving her daughter’s house she Clinton told reporters she was “Feeling Great” which im not suprised she didn’t use the time there to put up an act that she really cared about all the inocent people who lost there lives that day to help her in her election!  Mabe she does face some health crisises but her Health physician claims she’s in top health. I belive she had to much to drink and just didn’t want to waste her time greeting the families cause face it Hilliary has no intentions for anyone but her self and we all read the evidence almost every day!  Hilliary is so wicked she claimed about her health a “Wacky strategy” last month on Jimmy kimmel show. Face it she is one Womon who is out for her own self being and will crush,push, or try to elimate anyone who gets in her way  of what she wants.  Regardless of how she felt today she could of united with more of the families and shown remorse for them! Instead she backed out claiming health issues that went away quite quickly after she got to her daughters place. I think she is trying to get people to belive her bad health so it can be a strategy to feel sorry for her and help her be first woman president, but i don’t buy any thing she says cause almost everything that surrounds this woman is a LIE!!



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