We the people must take back America

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  The United States is heading in the wrong direction unless we the people make a stand!  Instead of Obama releasing Undocumented Immigrants that commit murder on there first day out killing his ex-girlfriend and 7 & 10 year old so there was no withness, which made head line news across the globe!! Spending over $22 million to help them with jobs and to make sure they dont get refused housing! They should be helping the americans that may have fall on hard times and ended up in jail taking accountability for there actions and  paying double back to Society! Pa is quick to convict with nothing but felonies to fill our prison systems up to create more jobs for the buddy buddy system! So many college kids lost out on all there schooling for minor offenses that the system makes severe offenses with felonys! How are they supposed to feed their famlies and pay there bills, there not violent people! I understand background checks for guns but to lose your right to work at a decent job you put all you time, money, familys money into is wrong! Its Absurd to me! Then they wounder why drug rate is so high and crime, people get sucked in because depression might set in that they are now losers in the world where the american dream is supposed to be! In stead Obama gives the american dream to the Immigrants!   What a DISGRACE!


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