Double-voting-even triple-voting- Found in US elections


Prosecutors say the 63 year old Pasco Parker a Tennessee man voted in the 2012 Presidential election, not once…not twice but three time’s in three different state’s.

Jay Delaney executive director of North Carolina volunteer voting watchdog group The voting Integrity project which caught Parker says it’s all to easy for a person to travel to different state’s to vote, and if you know anything on the subject there were a lot more people who chose to cheat the system even Government Officials! So that leads to what we possibly have in store for this election! Since we all know the Famous Hillary Clinton and the lengths she go threw to win how many people do you think is on her Payroll to commit such acts just so she can win! It’s a lot more wide spread than we know! In Parker’s case, he was charged with voter fraud for votes in the Nov. 6, 2012 Presidential election. He voted in person at his polling place in Spring Hill, Tenn. Authorities say that was after previously mailing in another vote by absentee ballot in Florida on Oct. 28, and yet another absentee ballot vote in North Carolina the following day. So it’s all to easy for the election to be rigged and the honest voters have little to no aware of what’s going on! So all the People who say your to stupid to vote take a look at how stupid you are voicing your opinions on other’s about voting, it’s all in the corrupt hands and your debates about being Liberal, Republican, Democrat do mean sh@t! Vote for who you like and hope the Voter Frauds get Caught cause most likely your vote don’t count unless the watchdog group, The Voting integrity catches up with the corruption!


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