Bear season is approaching



  The Bear season is approaching is fast on Nov. 16-20th of 2016 is the Opening for Archery seasons on Bear’s in Pennsylvania.  Doing the sittings we are having on a daily bases hear in PA this year might be a good year for the Seasoned Hunter’s!  Last year there wasn’t that many Black Bear around and it may have played a factor in last years warmer then expected winter! But now the Bear’s are out in full force and I must say after last year’s Harvest total of 3,748 black harvested in PA slot of Bear’s made it threw the season.

There’s a good chance slot of Bear’s are moving from different areas to find food but in Lucerne County slot of the woods are being removed for mining purposes and strip mining holes being filled in but this seems to be the place for all the Bear’s to flock for some reason. I tried to do a little research to find out why but not many people can come up with straight answer’s. I think it has to do with the fact they feel safe with a lot of places to hide!  The area did lose a lot of its potential Hunting property’s cause the ATV seen has took over many if not all the areas to hunt with new ATV trails going straight threw every patch of woods which scare any animal out of its habitats of hideing.  Which in a sense is a Good thing cause I think the Black Bear is one of the most Beautiful Animals there is out there and in a way I wish they would stop the hunting of the Black Bear!

So if your a Hunter in PA get ready cause you’ll be up against a lot of ATV riders Hunting as well and all the Bear are used to hearing them and seeing them so they disappear at the first sound of an ATV and cover much ground in record timeing so you chance’s are no reduced, so Good Luck to any who might Harvest a Black Bear and make it a Trophy!



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