I Spoke with God Last night


  Last night I spoke with God, and being the benevolent being that he is, he had some surprisingly keen insights he’d like me to pass on. GOD said he would like the word and notion “god” to be replaced with the word ” life.”

That it should be worshipped as wholeheartedly as he was. GOD went on to say all the idolization was beginning to make him a tad “big headed” and that worshipping existence would make him just as happy. GOD thought it would be a great idea for people to take an hour or (5) out of each Sunday to go somewhere new and appreciate anything at all. GOD mentioned that doing service or just being really nice would suffice as well.

The only commandments are:

1. Be a good person as best you can. All cases are relevant to the individual

2. Live as much life as you can

3. Pursue something you deem worthy of your time in your relatively short amount of life on earth

4. Love all

For God is the Father of all and we all shall follow his words in Honor and hold the way he has spoken to enter the Kingdom of heaven.


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