Net10 & Prepaid services making a killing on you with ( Refurbished Phones)


These Prepaid services are making a killing off you with selling you ( Refurbished ) phones making you think there Brand New! In which some Case’s sometimes you’ll never know if you have a refurbished phone! But I Know there is an app for Samsung that will tell you if your phone is Refurbished! I have yet to try it cause Net10 sold me a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime that almost Burnt my house down and this was weeks before the recall on the Galaxy Note 7. They replaced my phone with the same Product phone and I requested a different one due the circumstances it almost Burt my house down and potentially harmed my family! In which case Net10 did not give a rat’s ass! The Integrity of that company is out the window. So they sent me the new replacement phone swearing up and down it was a Brand new phone. So I had it three day’s and new better than to leave it alone while charging, and so after 5 mins it was extremely hot so I unplugged it left it cool down and it turned out the audio no longer worked!

I called there horrible customer service and after making me take the battery out a few times decided to send me another one and i said listen obviously this line of Samsung phone has defects! I got every excuse in the book so they sent me a FedEx package to return the phone on 09/12/2016 and they received it on 09/14/2016 and was confirmed by good old FedEx! After waiting for the 2 day delivery from FedEx I never received the phone! And after another excursion with the incompetent customer service they told me I never sent my phone, so I called FedEx and they agreed to do a three way calling that they received my phone, then all the sudden they had the numbers mixed up and said I will receive my third defective phone in 3 to 5 business days in which it’s well past and they didn’t have the Integrity to warrant a phone that was not in the core prime line! They said wait till see if something happens with this next one before we give a newer brand!

Like seriously take a gamble over a phone that can burn my house down and potentially have harm done to my family!!!  So I said noway this can’t happen and in order to get a lawyer involved there’s steps you must take first! ACTION MY FRIENDS ACTION ( JUST DO IT ) I Mailed letters and got no where! So by chance I flipped open the terms pamphlet and seen Good old Samsung’s phone number so I called almost got the brush off cause it’s a net 10 phone, but I said Samsung who’s going to be responsible when a dangerous tragedy happens? After being on hold and transfered they were more then willing to abide to my request to honor me a new phone that doesn’t come from the core prime stock of phone’s and are sending me a new upgraded phone with no hassles!

See so with Action you can get what is right, with out trying to scam the system! Honesty, Integrity and the action to (JUST DO IT ) will get you results you desire!

And I thanked Samsung from the deepest parts of my heart, and feelings. I participated in there call back survey and even sent them a very nice letter thanking them for their Integrity, Honesty and praised them for doing the right thing!

I now have a relationship with Samsung that I plan on keeping fresh over time so we don’t forget about each other!




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