Tobacco Price’s ( Going up? ) Well!


Well the price on Tobacco is going up with Huge Tax Inflammation? Before you know it the Bag of tobacco you purchase to roll your own is going to sky rocket in price!

Is this a Good thing or a Bad thing? Let me answer that question! It’s the best thing that can Happen to us Humans for it is saving us on our Health, and Making it Harder for the Younger kids under 18 who have to get there money together to buy a pack harder for them to smoke and kill there Health! It’s either they waste there money on tobacco products or keep the money for events such as highschool football games etc.   And for all the ones that smoke a pack or more a day it is kinda saving your life to. Helping you live a little longer with out willing poisoning yourself!   Hey a Chickens Brain is about the size or around the size of a dime and if you put  Chickens in a room and start putting tobacco smoke in the room the first thing they do is run & look for clean air, and us Humans the most intelligent specie’s walking the earth  choose to fill our body’s with this poison and shorten our life span!

Just 90 days free of smoking tobacco will Enormously help you health rate out! img_20160924_234923_500

This picture shows what happens after 90 days of NO SMOKING! Just think with the Government rasing these taxes is the Best thing that can happen to you, well maybe not if your made of money and don’t care about your health and wanting to be around a little longer in life to see your kids, grandchildren grow & get Married! You know all the good things life has to offer!

Well for me I say Tax the Hell out of all the Tobacco it’s only  in the best interest of all Human life!


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