My Father stops Robbery in progress (Hero) of the Day!


My Father the Hero of the Day!! While eating lunch at Burger King in the parking lot he noticed the Female employee exit the store and at the same time my Mother seen a Male all dressed in Black with his face covered come running out of the bushes towards the Female worker, so my Father got out of the car and ran towards the lady yelling just as he got to the lady the Male robber had her on the ground trying to pull the bag from her hand and my Father pushed the man like a line backer running full steam ahead and the male suspected got up and ran for the woods where he wasn’t seen again.

Come to find out the Female employee was on her way to deposit the mornings intake of cash to the bank and the Male suspect new what time she was going to take it so it must be someone who worked there or knows someone who works there for the suspect to know what time she left the store!

My Father saved the day stopped the robbery from going down and put his life up on the line not knowing if the suspect had a GUN or not and not a one Thanks or sign of Gratitude was shown!  But that’s alright my Father being a man of Integrity did what he new as being right and in fact My Father is a Blessed man I always new it from when I was a Child! My Father is a Man of Integrity, Honor and a Huge Heart! And when you Put Good Positive kind acts out in the Universe Good Positive results will always find its way back to you!



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