It’s finally happened they officially Taxed Chewing tobacco, Vapors -e-cigs and packaged tobacco to roll your own!

  It was only a matter of time before they got there hands in everyone’s pockets with there tax hikes! And it is no official they passed it today to tax all of the above!

    Which in my eyes is a good thing for all Americans cause this will give you the incentive to want to quit and save your health, and pass it on to our younger youth that using any tobacco products it’s not necessary in life for it only shortens your life span I’ll show you the results of just 90 days of quiting smokingimg_20160924_234923_500

  It’s the same for Chewing tobacco as well not to mention the huge savings you’ll see increase in your wallets! If you think about it it’s the best thing the Government did well for those who open there eyes on the subject that this is your way to quit and live a longer fuller life! I know some people will say hey my pops smoke for 90+years and he’s as healthy as can be! Yeah that’s fine but not everyone is that fortunate and our children growing up don’t need Tobacco in there lives cause in reality tobacco is the gate way to all other substances including alcohol!

  From this day on its your choice were you want to be in life now and 10 years from now, and your influence has the highest impact on our youth growing up! So let’s quit the Tobacco and put these killing industries out of business!!!


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