Love your Family Love your Life “Hear today Gone tomorrow”World lost a Great man Today😭


  Today the World lost a Great Man who did enormous amounts of Kind positive deeds for his Community & Family! Jerry was one of the Men in the world that would go out of his way to help others, and at just 50 years old with the battle of cancer lost his life in a peaceful way while sleeping! He will be remembered for life times to come!

  Always be a Loving kind member of your family & friends cause you’ll never no when it’s your time! Hear today Gone Tomorrow! That’s why we need Love in our lives & Forgiveness for life is to short for it to end on a negative note! Sometimes people or family might do something that doesn’t rub you the right way but material things can be replaced not a life! So my motto is Love, Peace, Forgiveness and bring Positive emotions to all you meet so when your time comes and you leave to he next life you won’t leave someone behind living with regret & Emotions that will haunt them for years to come!fb_img_1475448851286

  So start Fresh today Love yourself your family and do the things that would build them Loving Emotions, spread the Love so everyone can see the worth of Life and live it the way God meant it to be! fb_img_1475448706343


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