Why more Americans are choosing Cremation

¬† FOR DECADES, THE AMERICAN WAY of death has been the same: embalmed bodies, engraved tombstones, graveside ceremonies and, finally, burials. Not so anymore. According to state-by-state data compiled by the Cremation Association of North America and the National Funeral Directors Association, Cremation is the new custom, accounting for almost 49% of all dispositions last year, vs 45% for burials-” a seismic shift” and growing.

¬† Although cremation’s ¬†popularity has steadily grown for years the biggest reason for its newfound dominance in cost. Burials are complex affairs that requires a plot, a tombstone and a coffin which all told can cost thousands of dollars. Cremation’s, by contrast, are simple and cheap. They’re also seen as more flexible option for Americans, who are increasingly mobile and may live and die far from home-and their family plots.

¬† ¬†The growth of cremation’s is shaking up the $16 billion death industry and is one of the reasons the number of funeral homes has fallen almost 10% since 2005. The government is rasing the cost of living so much it even affects the way we deal with putting are loved ones to rest! It’s a shame the amount of greed in this world, to the point of millions of Americans that can afford to put there loved ones at peace!¬†IMG_20161004_195119_737.JPG


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