Wolverine: ( Logan ) Last movie for Huge Jackman as Wolverine March 3


Huges last movie as Wolverine (Logan) can’t wait to see it! Huge Jackman played the role fairly decent I would say, but I do think they could of did a little better portraying the character! I’ve been into the X-men and superhero seen since I was a kid, and I have plenty of cards & comic books, one of the things I’m Guna give try to is sending one of my Deadpool cards out to Wade Wilson him self to see if he will sign it for me! But just wanted to put this out there so people know March 3 is the last premiere of Huge Jackman as Wolverine, supposedly he is going to be a much older version of Wolverine in this movie! So can’t wait to see it & Hope it is a hit!


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