New “FACEBOOK” Buzz Rollin in the $$$$ for Hostesses for Peal Party’s


  I’m NOT in anyway affiliated with Kindra the Pearl Lady at all! I came a cross her in my news feed on Facebook 2 days ago and thought this was a pretty neat Theme, and it struck me as entertaining as well!

  Now I did a little research and it brought back alot of excellent feed back for these Hostesses, and they are Rollin in the extra $$$, and this particular Hostesses brought in over $50,000 Big ones in the month of September and she’s only been doing it for a little while ( actually don’t no how long ) that I know of! And as it goes if you think about jumping on the Band wagon, well it’s not going to happen but you should reserve your spot for they stop the business causing it growing faster than they can keep up with it, so when they get there affairs in order where they have enough supply for the demand you can get in on this extra Cash cow!

  Now mind you these lady’s that got to this opportunity first are the real winners cause it’s now popular and making so many sales the company can’t keep up so there pretty lucky and Rollin in the cash! It pays to always take that first leap on a new opportunity when it arrives cause ya never no! Reserve a spot now for I’m sure alot of people are getting interested in being a Host instead of a buyer! And these host get alot of free jewelry and many perks as well! IMG_20161006_235419_335.JPG


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