Top 10 Most Powerful Women in the World 2016


1. Angela Merkel, German chancellor

2. Theresa May, UK’s second woman prime minister — after Margaret Thatcher

3. Hillary Clinton, US presidential hopeful

4. Aung San Suu Kyi
, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Myanmar State Counsellor.

5. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the president of Liberia also Africa’s first elected woman president.

6. Michelle Bachelet, the president of Chile

7. Christine Lagarde, first woman to head the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

8. Janet Yellen, head of the US Federal Reserve

9. Irina Bokova, the first woman to head the UN cultural organisation UNESCO

10. Margaret Chan
, Director-general of the World Health Organization


If Hillary Clinton gets elected for President of The United States Of America she can possibly move to the Number one spot! But in my opinion I hope she don’t! Just for the fact she let all them Innocent people die in Benghazi that were begging for help from Her so they wouldn’t die! That’s equivalent to Murder in my eye’s! I don’t under stand how anyone could let that happen and live with themselves! If she would of never left that happen I would love to see her The First Woman President of the United States!

I want to see a Woman President before my time hear on earth is over but I Do Not believe it should be Her! If only there were other Candidate’s running for Office! Hopefully in the future we will see more Women rise to the occasion! I only remember Sara Pailen in my time, but there might have been more when I was younger but back then I never really had much interest in politics! In my opinion I think that’s what we need in the white house to make a Hugh change!    Hopefully one Day we will See It!


New “FACEBOOK” Buzz Rollin in the $$$$ for Hostesses for Peal Party’s


  I’m NOT in anyway affiliated with Kindra the Pearl Lady at all! I came a cross her in my news feed on Facebook 2 days ago and thought this was a pretty neat Theme, and it struck me as entertaining as well!

  Now I did a little research and it brought back alot of excellent feed back for these Hostesses, and they are Rollin in the extra $$$, and this particular Hostesses brought in over $50,000 Big ones in the month of September and she’s only been doing it for a little while ( actually don’t no how long ) that I know of! And as it goes if you think about jumping on the Band wagon, well it’s not going to happen but you should reserve your spot for they stop the business causing it growing faster than they can keep up with it, so when they get there affairs in order where they have enough supply for the demand you can get in on this extra Cash cow!

  Now mind you these lady’s that got to this opportunity first are the real winners cause it’s now popular and making so many sales the company can’t keep up so there pretty lucky and Rollin in the cash! It pays to always take that first leap on a new opportunity when it arrives cause ya never no! Reserve a spot now for I’m sure alot of people are getting interested in being a Host instead of a buyer! And these host get alot of free jewelry and many perks as well! IMG_20161006_235419_335.JPG

Wolverine: ( Logan ) Last movie for Huge Jackman as Wolverine March 3


Huges last movie as Wolverine (Logan) can’t wait to see it! Huge Jackman played the role fairly decent I would say, but I do think they could of did a little better portraying the character! I’ve been into the X-men and superhero seen since I was a kid, and I have plenty of cards & comic books, one of the things I’m Guna give try to is sending one of my Deadpool cards out to Wade Wilson him self to see if he will sign it for me! But just wanted to put this out there so people know March 3 is the last premiere of Huge Jackman as Wolverine, supposedly he is going to be a much older version of Wolverine in this movie! So can’t wait to see it & Hope it is a hit!



Few people actually know Pepsi owns Aquafina Water, and the Biggest Scam is, that is NOT in fact spring water nor purified water but indeed is regular TAP water you’ve been buying! Pepsi announced this terrible tragedy which they say is totally legal and all they were doing was selling the name on the bottle! But what in fact dose it say on the bottles where the water comes from? Yet again a multi million dollar scam that will result in a slap on the hand!IMG_20161004_224308_102.JPG

Why more Americans are choosing Cremation

  FOR DECADES, THE AMERICAN WAY of death has been the same: embalmed bodies, engraved tombstones, graveside ceremonies and, finally, burials. Not so anymore. According to state-by-state data compiled by the Cremation Association of North America and the National Funeral Directors Association, Cremation is the new custom, accounting for almost 49% of all dispositions last year, vs 45% for burials-” a seismic shift” and growing.

  Although cremation’s  popularity has steadily grown for years the biggest reason for its newfound dominance in cost. Burials are complex affairs that requires a plot, a tombstone and a coffin which all told can cost thousands of dollars. Cremation’s, by contrast, are simple and cheap. They’re also seen as more flexible option for Americans, who are increasingly mobile and may live and die far from home-and their family plots.

   The growth of cremation’s is shaking up the $16 billion death industry and is one of the reasons the number of funeral homes has fallen almost 10% since 2005. The government is rasing the cost of living so much it even affects the way we deal with putting are loved ones to rest! It’s a shame the amount of greed in this world, to the point of millions of Americans that can afford to put there loved ones at peace! IMG_20161004_195119_737.JPG

Love your Family Love your Life “Hear today Gone tomorrow”World lost a Great man Today😭


  Today the World lost a Great Man who did enormous amounts of Kind positive deeds for his Community & Family! Jerry was one of the Men in the world that would go out of his way to help others, and at just 50 years old with the battle of cancer lost his life in a peaceful way while sleeping! He will be remembered for life times to come!

  Always be a Loving kind member of your family & friends cause you’ll never no when it’s your time! Hear today Gone Tomorrow! That’s why we need Love in our lives & Forgiveness for life is to short for it to end on a negative note! Sometimes people or family might do something that doesn’t rub you the right way but material things can be replaced not a life! So my motto is Love, Peace, Forgiveness and bring Positive emotions to all you meet so when your time comes and you leave to he next life you won’t leave someone behind living with regret & Emotions that will haunt them for years to come!fb_img_1475448851286

  So start Fresh today Love yourself your family and do the things that would build them Loving Emotions, spread the Love so everyone can see the worth of Life and live it the way God meant it to be! fb_img_1475448706343