It’s finally happened they officially Taxed Chewing tobacco, Vapors -e-cigs and packaged tobacco to roll your own!

It was only a matter of time before they got there hands in everyone’s pockets with there tax hikes! And it is no official they passed it today to tax all of the above!     Which in my eyes…

Source: It’s finally happened they officially Taxed Chewing tobacco, Vapors -e-cigs and packaged tobacco to roll your own!


It’s finally happened they officially Taxed Chewing tobacco, Vapors -e-cigs and packaged tobacco to roll your own!

  It was only a matter of time before they got there hands in everyone’s pockets with there tax hikes! And it is no official they passed it today to tax all of the above!

    Which in my eyes is a good thing for all Americans cause this will give you the incentive to want to quit and save your health, and pass it on to our younger youth that using any tobacco products it’s not necessary in life for it only shortens your life span I’ll show you the results of just 90 days of quiting smokingimg_20160924_234923_500

  It’s the same for Chewing tobacco as well not to mention the huge savings you’ll see increase in your wallets! If you think about it it’s the best thing the Government did well for those who open there eyes on the subject that this is your way to quit and live a longer fuller life! I know some people will say hey my pops smoke for 90+years and he’s as healthy as can be! Yeah that’s fine but not everyone is that fortunate and our children growing up don’t need Tobacco in there lives cause in reality tobacco is the gate way to all other substances including alcohol!

  From this day on its your choice were you want to be in life now and 10 years from now, and your influence has the highest impact on our youth growing up! So let’s quit the Tobacco and put these killing industries out of business!!!

Tomorrow is the first Day of Archery Season in Luzerne County! Wish everyone the best of luck and a few (TIPS) From a county resident Hunter!


  Opening Day in Luzerne County for Archery Season and it may be a little tricky for some Hunter’s to find that Buck they may have been taking pictures of all threw the preseason since much of the wooded land around the area is being mined for its rocks or losing the land for these senseless round abouts! The public land around hear to hunt on may come to some as tricky due to the enormous popularity of ATV  riders, not that I’m against it but they due have trails going threw some of the best hunting grounds that were left, and always traveling these routes pushes the deer hear away from the area way before the season started! It is kinda sad thou that they had to make every piece of land a quad trail!  But there is still hope if you get out there early enough as quite as can be you might have a chance cause when the road Hunter’s come along the deer will hear them way before there seen and just might push them you direction!

  And I say road Hunter’s because everyone knows the land and they think the best opportunity would be to road hunt cause you don’t know if anyone road threw that patch of woods first!

   A little tip that always work for me in this area in the Stalking rituals cause if your not afraid of some pickers and your very patient you can sneak up on the Buck before he takes off, and with the amount of quads riding the area they will most likely hold up at times were they think there save, so with the right Stalking patience is were your best bet is! And don’t be discouraged if you see a quad ride right by your spot cause most times the deer will double back around cause there used to being pushed from there spot and know where the quad is heading and will do a circle most of the time!  “Believe it or not” the deer are smarter than we think!

  For me it’s going to be the Stalking tactic mixed with useing the favor of were the quads are coming from to find my ground were they will use to escape the dangers! And mixed with the little bit of rain there calling for makes it a stalkers dream hunt, I can’t tell how many times I was successful useing this method!

  I no there are alot of nice buck in this area and I study the land like I was going for MY PHD and I can’t wait to get out there, in all honesty I would just like to arm myself with a good camera and take some nice shots instead of Harvesting a buck but that will come at a later date!

  And remember Hunter’s Safety! I can’t stress this enough as being in a family where one of my Siblings was shot due to Poor Carelessness of another Hunter but thanks to God he Survived after fighting for his life for almost 3 year’s! So be safe have fun and most of all ( SHOOT STRAIGHT) And if you hit one give it time to die before chasing it, cause deer could cover miles in a blink of an eye!  Good Luck PA Hunter’s!





Vapor products and tax policy to come to All Vapors & Vendors!



   As far as I know the FDA and state Representatives were unsuccessful on there first try to give You Vapors & Vendors a tax hike! It was to good to be true to go with out being hit with the Tobacco tax for long since it became so popular amongst everyone! It’s only a matter of time in the near future they will have there hands in your pockets! Heads up for the near Future!!



Us regulator’s warn Customer’s about exploding Samsung Washers


  Just day’s after Samsung started to replace Defective Galaxy Note 7’s the Us Consumer product safety Commission (CPSC) Issued a warning after multiple reports of top loading washing machines were Exploding with enough force to Blow holes in the surrounding walls!

   Top loading units made between March 2011 and April 16 were those among the reports, But they didn’t get specific with model Numbers!  So if your a proud owner of this Samsung product you might want to play it safe and keep your children away from the washing room and contact them immediately to see what can be done! Or if you feel safe with your product & had no problems just keep it in the back of your mind and Don’t leave the wash run while you leave the house for some quick grocery shopping you might have to attend to!

My Father stops Robbery in progress (Hero) of the Day!


My Father the Hero of the Day!! While eating lunch at Burger King in the parking lot he noticed the Female employee exit the store and at the same time my Mother seen a Male all dressed in Black with his face covered come running out of the bushes towards the Female worker, so my Father got out of the car and ran towards the lady yelling just as he got to the lady the Male robber had her on the ground trying to pull the bag from her hand and my Father pushed the man like a line backer running full steam ahead and the male suspected got up and ran for the woods where he wasn’t seen again.

Come to find out the Female employee was on her way to deposit the mornings intake of cash to the bank and the Male suspect new what time she was going to take it so it must be someone who worked there or knows someone who works there for the suspect to know what time she left the store!

My Father saved the day stopped the robbery from going down and put his life up on the line not knowing if the suspect had a GUN or not and not a one Thanks or sign of Gratitude was shown!  But that’s alright my Father being a man of Integrity did what he new as being right and in fact My Father is a Blessed man I always new it from when I was a Child! My Father is a Man of Integrity, Honor and a Huge Heart! And when you Put Good Positive kind acts out in the Universe Good Positive results will always find its way back to you!


Tobacco Price’s ( Going up? ) Well!


Well the price on Tobacco is going up with Huge Tax Inflammation? Before you know it the Bag of tobacco you purchase to roll your own is going to sky rocket in price!

Is this a Good thing or a Bad thing? Let me answer that question! It’s the best thing that can Happen to us Humans for it is saving us on our Health, and Making it Harder for the Younger kids under 18 who have to get there money together to buy a pack harder for them to smoke and kill there Health! It’s either they waste there money on tobacco products or keep the money for events such as highschool football games etc.   And for all the ones that smoke a pack or more a day it is kinda saving your life to. Helping you live a little longer with out willing poisoning yourself!   Hey a Chickens Brain is about the size or around the size of a dime and if you put  Chickens in a room and start putting tobacco smoke in the room the first thing they do is run & look for clean air, and us Humans the most intelligent specie’s walking the earth  choose to fill our body’s with this poison and shorten our life span!

Just 90 days free of smoking tobacco will Enormously help you health rate out! img_20160924_234923_500

This picture shows what happens after 90 days of NO SMOKING! Just think with the Government rasing these taxes is the Best thing that can happen to you, well maybe not if your made of money and don’t care about your health and wanting to be around a little longer in life to see your kids, grandchildren grow & get Married! You know all the good things life has to offer!

Well for me I say Tax the Hell out of all the Tobacco it’s only  in the best interest of all Human life!